This is our story

Adminflow originated as a product on the crowdfunding platform Dealflow. When a crowdfunding campaign was completed, the companies were often left with hundreds of investors, without any decent tools to manage them and maintain their shareholder register. These problems were solved by Adminflow. 

Since then, Adminflow has grown out of Dealflow and is now a separate company. The functionality has been expanded, and as the company matured, so did the customers. Today, more and more of our customers are not crowdfunded, but still need a simple and good tool for either shareholder register, digital boardroom, investor communication - or all at once.

Who we are
The team in Adminflow consists of experienced accountants, entrepreneurs and a management with a strong focus on delivering solutions that solve problems. We also have a strong development team that we believe is among the best on integrations with Norwegian registers - something we are of course proud of.

The combination of all this should make you feel confident that Adminflow delivers as you expect, and hopefully gives you one less thing to worry about.

Our customers say

Tom Aas

"Adminflow makes it easy to communicate with investors, simplifies document flow in connection with board meetings and makes it easier for shareholders to stay up to date on documents, company value and own shares".

Alf Gunnar Andersen

"Adminflow makes it easy to handle the shareholder base and gives us control over all of the minutes of both the board and general meetings. Simple and safe, and gives us more time
to do what is fun."

Arnulf Refsnes

"Adminflow really simplifies corporate governance! We get in touch with all our investors quickly and easily and would never have been able to handle shareholders in the same way without Adminflow".

Ida Sætersdal

"Adminflow gives us a good overview of the history of communication with investors. It is easy to keep track and the integration with Altinn is superb! It makes it very easy to deliver the shareholder statement."