Terms and Conditions

Terms of use of the Adminflow service

Updated contract terms apply from 25.11.2019.


Name: Adminflow AS

Organization number: 922 275 343

Visiting address: Bryggen 3-5, 5003 Bergen

Postal address: C/O Dealflow AS, Adminflow AS, Bryggen 3, 5003 Bergen

Phone: 47 47 47 19

Email: support@adminflow.no

Website: www.adminflow.no

As a user of Adminflow, I accept the following:

The contents of this document, and that I have read and understood the following documents:

Cookie Information

The information that is not addressed to the customer personally can be provided on the company's website if this is considered appropriate that personal information will be sent to the message box on the platform or the e-mail address provided by the customer

These terms can be changed.

1. Brief description of the service

The Adminflow service means services associated with adminflow.no. For example, but not limited to registration of issues, registration of purchase and sale of shares, communication with shareholders, board members and / or employees, overview of ownership etc. The agreement gives the customer the opportunity to use the Adminlflow service to keep track of companies he / she has the right to administer. The service offering can, as long as it is not to the customer's disadvantage, be expanded without customers being specifically informed about this.

2. Account agreements and prices

Costs of creating, having and using the Adminflow service are stated in the company's current price list and are also disclosed before any binding agreements are entered into. As a user, you accept that you will automatically be moved between price ranges based on the number of users in

the current company, but notice of such a change will be given. In the event of non-payment for any reason, the service will be frozen until payment is resumed. The fee for the Adminflow service is charged according to your choice, on the billing date specified on the "Account" page. In some cases, the payment date may change. For example if it fails to make payment.

Update your payment methods

You can update the payment methods on the "payments" page. We can also update your payment method with information we receive from the payment service provider. You authorize us to continue to charge the current payment method (s) even after eventual updates.

End the service

You can close your adminflow account at any time, and you will continue to have access to the service until the end of your billing period. Payments are non-refundable and we do not offer any refunds or credits for started monthly membership periods.

To exit, go to the "Account" page and follow the instructions to exit. If you end your membership, your account will automatically close at the end of the current billing period. Click 'Billing Information' on the 'Account' page to see when the account closes.

Changes in price and subscription

We may change our subscriptions and the price of our service. Any price changes or changes to your subscription will not take effect until the next billing period after you have been notified of the change (s).

3. Requirements for user unit

As long as the agreement runs, Adminflow can set requirements for devices used to use the services of Adminflow. Examples of this are updated software, including operating system, browser software and other software for secure communication with Adminflow as well as antivirus software.

4. Password and security procedure

The customer relationship in Adminflow is strictly personal, and self-service channels are services that only users have access to. All passwords and codes for using the website must be memorized and not disclosed to others. Passwords and codes should not be written down or stored in such a way that it can be understood and used by others. If the customer has a mobile phone / SIM card connected to one or more of Adminflow's services, the customer must regularly make sure that the mobile phone / SIM card is not lost. If it is suspected that others have become aware of passwords or codes, the customer is obliged to inform Adminflow immediately. The customer must report to Adminflow without undue delay if he becomes aware of the loss, theft or unauthorized acquisition of personal code / security device or for improper use. The customer shall use the messaging options made available by Adminflow, and otherwise assist in such a way that the security device is blocked as quickly as possible. After such notification is given, Adminflow will prevent the use of the service.

5. Conclusion of electronic agreements and distribution of electronic messages

Customer can order services and enter into agreements for these through the website. The website states which agreements it is possible to enter into in this way. When the Customer is logged in to the website, the agreements that are accepted will be as binding as agreements entered into with the customer's physical signature. All communication from Adminflow to the customer takes place electronically or by telephone. Please note that telephone calls associated with Adminflow can be recorded and stored for up to 5 years. Personal messages will be sent to the message box, SMS or the e-mail address provided by the customer. It is the customer's responsibility and at all times to have the correct contact information registered in his personal profile. Notifications of price changes are sent to the customer's message box and / or made available on Adminflow's website.

6. Responsibilities related to the use of Adminflow

It is the user of the Adminflow service who is responsible for ensuring that the data recorded is correct. Under no circumstances will Adminflow be liable for errors that directly or indirectly arise as a result of using the Adminflow service. The user of the Adminflow service is responsible for ensuring that the data in Adminflow is correct. Examples of this can be, but are not limited to, data related to issues, the shareholder register, messages to shareholders, closing notes, shareholder certificates. Adminflow can also not be held responsible for the consequences of incorrect reporting to, for example, Altinn due to incorrect data in Adminflow. In the event of a fault in the service, the user is obliged to contact Adminflow at support@adminflow.no within reasonable time.

7. The company's liability in the event of technical errors or the like.

Adminflow cannot be held responsible for technical errors, including, for example, operation shutdown , communication errors, capacity problems, which result in a lack of access to Adminflow's websites or services. Furthermore, Adminflow cannot be held responsible for technical errors due to the customer using a user unit that does not satisfy the requirements Adminflow sets for user units in section 3. Adminflow's obligations under this agreement, including access to the network service in its entirety, cease temporarily if exceptional occurrence occurs. circumstances beyond Adminflow's control and which Adminflow could not foresee or avoid following and which make fulfillment impossible, such as outbreaks of war, strikes, boycotts, blockades or lockouts. The same applies to matters arising from obligations imposed on the Adminflow service in or pursuant to law.

8. Consent to the processing of personal data

In order for Adminflow to be able to deliver its services, we are dependent on the storage and use of personal information. By accepting the terms of use, the user agrees that the following customer information is registered and stored in Adminflow: Name, Address, Social Security Number, E-mail.

The user may refrain from giving consent and may at any time withdraw the previously given consent in writing. User has the right to access, correction, deletion, data portability and may demand that the processing of personal data be restricted. Please note that this may limit the functionality of Adminflow. The user has the right to complain about the processing of personal data in violation of the rules of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

9. Changes

Adminflow reserves the right to change the terms of the Adminflow service. Significant changes take effect from the time they are notified to the customer in writing. The customer is considered to have agreed to receive notification of changes by e-mail if the customer has provided an e-mail address to the company. Other changes take effect from the time they are published on the company's website.

10. Termination

Violation of one or more terms may result in Adminflow terminating the agreement. Termination of the agreement means that the customer relationship is terminated in its entirety.

Additional information in connection with the Right of Withdrawal Act and the E-Commerce Act

According to the Right of Withdrawal Act and the E-Commerce Act, Adminflow has a duty to provide you with some additional information prior to entering into an agreement, in addition to what is stated in the agreement itself. In those cases where you have the right to withdraw under the Right of Withdrawal Act, you will also receive a special briefing on it and on how to proceed if you want to make use of the right of withdrawal.

About the agreement and advance information

Terms and conditions and advance information are available in Norwegian. Our ongoing messages and information to you will also be in Norwegian. The agreement and its terms are subject to Norwegian law and Norwegian courts. The parties' rights and obligations under this agreement are determined in their entirety by Norwegian law. Disagreements about the effect, content or implementation of the agreement shall be resolved through negotiations. If negotiations do not take place, each of the parties may demand that the case be decided by arbitration or Chapter 32 of the Civil Procedure Act. The case shall be conducted in Bergen.

About the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is a right that enables European consumers to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days of its conclusion. Because you can use our service as soon as you have registered, we do not offer the right of withdrawal. Although Adminflow does not offer a right of withdrawal, you can quit at any time.

The law requires that we inform you that you have no right of withdrawal. Therefore, customers who register in a European country must confirm that they are losing the right of withdrawal. Even if you confirm that you lose the right of withdrawal, no other rights you have as a consumer will be affected and it will not affect the ability to terminate your subscription at any time.