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DD-roms are tailored to streamline due diligence processes when buying, selling and investing for all parties.
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Why invest in a data room

It has almost become a matter of course to show new investors a data room when the company is collecting new investments. Precisely because there is a lot of information to be shared and questions to be answered. Therefore it's wise to structure this in a clear computer room.

In Adminflow you can share all the necessary information with potential investors in a computer room an set restrictions on who can see the documents in the folder. In addition to storing and structuring documnts, Adminflow will ensure that all documentation can be safely shared with external parties. Both for national and international corporate transactions.

When is it benefitial with a data room?

There are several occasions for when a data room can be benefitial. Among others:

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In transactions, purchases or sales of companies

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Bringing in new investors

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Purchasing and outsourcing


Due diligence

Every restructuring, sale of a company or shares, and in assessment of new potential strategic partners requires a due-diligence process (company review). The company usually has to present a lot of accounting material, various contracts, bonus agreements, patent certificates and much more. If you carry out a tidy DD in a DD room, it can affect the pricing of the company and wheather there will be an agreement.

A DD process can be vey demanding and time consuming. If you use the data room in Adminflow, a lot has already been done. Here you dan easily upload documents continuously and set restrictions for who should see what.


" Adminflow gives us a good overview of the history of communication with investors. It is easy to keep track and the integration with Altinn is superb! It makes it very easy to deliver the shareholder statement. "


" Adminflow makes it easy to handle the shareholder base and gives us control over all of the minutes of both the board and general meetings. Simple and safe, and gives us more time to do what is fun. "


" Adminflow makes it easy to communicate with investors, simplifies document flow in connection with board meetings and makes it easier for shareholders to stay up to date on documents, company value and own shares. "


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