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In the document center, you can easily store all documents that are relevant to the board, investors and other stakeholders
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How it works

With Adminflow you get access to a document center where you can store, share and sign documents that are relevant to the board or investors. The Document Center does not exist for storing 15 drafts of the same document, but is rather the place where you store and share the completed document, convey relevant information or get things signed.

These can be documents such as: 
- General assembly protocol
- Board meeting referances
- Strategy documents
- and more

If an accountant or accountant needs insight, you can let them into Adminflow - then they can get what they need from protocols and documentation.

In Adminflow, the board will have its own "closed" folder, where only the board and the company administrator have access.

Digital signing
Documents can be signed with electronical signing or bank-ID. In addition, there is an alternative signing for, among other things, foreign investors who do not have bank-ID.


Here are some of the benefits our customers have highlighted:

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Make sure that all investors and stakeholders have access to completed and correct documentation with secure storage in Adminflow.

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The Document Center gives you full flexibility to set up your own folder structure and delegate access at the folder level.

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Secure storage in the cloud - No more binders!

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Easy and secure signing of documents with bank ID inside Adminflow.


"Adminflow gives us a good overview of the history of communication with investors. It is easy to keep track and the integration with Altinn is superb! It makes it very easy to deliver the shareholder statement."


"Adminflow makes it easy to handle the shareholder base and gives us control over all of the minutes of both the board and general meetings. Simple and safe, and gives us more time to do what is fun."


"Adminflow makes it easy to communicate with investors, simplifies document flow in connection with board meetings and makes it easier for shareholders to stay up to date on documents, company value and own shares".


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