Digital shareholder register - integrated with Altinn

All limited companies are required by law to have an updated shareholder register with numbered shares. You get this in Adminflow. If you issue more shares or someone buys shares - no problem. You register this directly in Adminflow and then the digital stock book updates itself automatically, with the correct share number for the correct buyer.

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Digital boardroom

Our digital boardroom lets you handle everything you need before and after eachboard meeting. Board members can, among other things, request readings, comments and send signing assignments to each other.

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DD-rom is tailored to streamline due diligence processes when buying, selling and investing for all parties. Adminflow ensure that all sensitive information and documentation can be safely shared with external parties. Both for national and international corporate transactions.

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Datarom i Adminflow

Contract management

Get full control over your contracts with an overview of suppliers, duration and contract value. In addition, you can carry out risk assessments in accordance with the requirements of the Transparency Act.

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Document Center

You can share reports and other important documents with the board and investors - and save and store the historic documents you need. Our document center is not the place for 15 drafts of the same document, but the place where you store and share the final documents, convey relevant information or get things signed.

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Dokumentsenter i AdminflowMeldingssenter i Adminflow

Message center

Being able to easily communicate with investors and the board is important for all companies. Send DMs or messages to entire groups directly in Adminflow. Share documents and information you think they need and get input on news or strategic choices.

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Insight and transparency

An important part of Adminflow is transparency. As a company, boardmember or investor, you always have an overview of the latest value of the company, who the various stakeholders are and access to all the information the company wants to share.

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Other services

In collaboration with Athene Group, we deliver certificates for capital increases.

When increasing the share capital, you must attach a confirmation from an auditor, financial institution (bank), lawyer or accountant confirming that the share capital has been received by the company.

New functionality

We are constantly working on adding new functionality - so that you as a company manager, investor or board member will get more in return for using Adminflow. If you have input on functionality you miss, or that could be better, just let us know.