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Our customers say

Tom Aas

"Adminflow makes it easy to communicate with investors, simplifies document flow in connection with board meetings and makes it easier for shareholders to stay up to date on documents, company value and own shares".

Alf Gunnar Andersen

"Adminflow makes it easy to handle the shareholder base and gives us control over all of the minutes of both the board and general meetings. Simple and safe, and gives us more timeto do what is fun."

Arnulf Refsnes

"Adminflow really simplifies corporate governance! We get in touch with all our investors quickly and easily and would never have been able to handle shareholders in the same way without Adminflow".

Ida Sætersdal

"Adminflow gives us a good overview of the history of communication with investors. It is easy to keep track and the integration with Altinn is superb! It makes it very easy to deliver the shareholder statement."